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Catholic Values (PSHE)

The school’s catholic values programme is a hybrid education of catholic teachings on issues that affect modern society, PSHE, SEAL and Citizenship. Each year group engages in different age specific themes. These themes are shown in the table below.


Aut 01

Aut 02

Spr 01

Spr 02

Sum 01

Sum 02

Year 7

My New School



Who Am I?


Charitable Project

Year 8

Loss and bereavement

Roles and  Responsibilities

Human Rights and Discrimination Tackling Extremism

Options-Aspiration and next steps

Democracy: Mock election

Year 9

Tackling Extremism


Morals and decision making

Careers and financial planning


Year 10

Growth Mindset/Revision techniques

Extremism and Cultural Diversity

Welcome to the real World

Personal Awareness

The Work Environment

Year 11



Connecting Cultures

Revision Techniques

Health and Wellbeing

Students will also participate in themed days and assemblies to enhance the breadth of topics covered but also where need arises. Such as:
  • Anti- Bullying week
  • Safer Internet Day: importance of E-Safety/ staying safe online
  • Children’s Mental Health Week
  • Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Remembrance Day
  • National Careers Week
The combination of the Catholic Values programme, themed days and assemblies that are both current and relevant helps to ensure that at Stuart Bathurst we educate the whole child.

Please come to this page in the near future for further updates we plan to include further information on the themes, photo gallery and examples of the students work.