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An Introduction to Mindfulness at Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School
As part of our well-being commitment to our students we decided to introduce an 8 week Mindfulness program. This program was opened up to our sixth form who came along on Wednesday afternoons for an hour session where they learnt all about the principles of Mindfulness and participated in practical Mindfulness exercises. 
The sessions were led by Mrs Mahey who is trained to teach the .b course (pronounced 'dot be') which is a carefully curated course of sessions specifically for students of secondary school age, designed to be taught in a school environment. It became clear very early on, that these students found the sessions relaxing as well as thought provoking. It seemed that they were getting real value from learning all about how their minds can play tricks on them, how their bodies show that they are stressed and most importantly what they can do about it!
In simple terms Mindfulness is simply 'being in the present moment, being fully aware with a sense of curiosity and kindness'. It is actually not as easy as we might think, to be 'fully present' and our students agreed! Hence we use tools such as our breath and our bodies and learn about the variety of Mindfulness practices available to us to help us. In the .b course each practice is given a name such as FOFBOC or 7/11 and students quickly build up their own toolkit to help them to deal with the demands of modern, teenage life. 
We are excited to roll out the Mindfulness course to even more students in the upcoming months!