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Year 11

At Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School we understand how important it is for students to be academically focused and supported as they prepare for their GCSEs—a process that begins in earnest in Year 10.  The focus in Year 11 is, therefore, unashamedly academic. Students will have their progress carefully tracked every term and will be given bespoke support plans should they appear to be falling behind their benchmark grades. Parental involvement plays a large role here; students falling behind in multiple subjects will be supported by their Head of Year who will meet with parents to discuss the best way to support students.


In Year 11, the school offers a range of after school support sessions called 'Hard Work Pays Off(HWPO)'. The timetable for these is on the separate tab on this section of the website. These are not extra lessons but, rather, an opportunity for students to work under the supervision and guidance of a subject-specific teacher.