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Welcome to Stuart Bathurst

We are a Catholic School for all, and as such we will recognise and celebrate your child’s uniqueness, value their success and encourage them to “do and be of their best” at all times. We have worked hard to ensure that our pupils have access to first-class teaching from subject specialists. Our teaching staff engender a passion for learning by imparting excellent knowledge through a clear, well-planned and structured delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum. 

We are proud of our community's collective and individual achievements. Our 2019 GCSE results placed the school in the top 7% in the country for improved progress, and our Sixth Form students all went on to either study courses at university, or take up apprenticeships.  This year, we are sending two students off to excellent universities to train to be doctors, and a further two to train as dentists. We set no limits on our students, we know that they are amazing young people who have the potential to achieve great things academically. We are also proud of the contribution they go on to make both in their own community and also society as a whole.

We hope that this website will provide you with the information you need whether you are an existing or prospective parent.  It contains all the statutory required information but should also hopefully give you a taste of what our school’s ethos is.  If you require any further assistance then please do contact us.