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Stuart Bathurst Alumni


We’ve teamed up with the education charity Future First, who are helping us to reconnect with our former students and involve them in school life, whether they left last year or 50 years ago!

This is where we need your help

We are asking you to support us in our efforts to reach out to our former students. Relatives, colleagues or friends, from doctors to dancers, pilots to personal trainers – we need former students from a whole range of careers to inspire every student.

If you are a past student or know of anyone who attended Stuart Bathurst as a student we would love to hear from you.

There is no commitment to do anything other than register at:

The benefits of joining are:

*   Supporting Stuart Bathurst and current students

*   Getting back in touch with old school friends

*   Getting regular updates on life at the school

We look forward to hearing from you, to establishing an alumni network and to connecting with former students for the benefit of a new generation of students at the school.

Please feel free to contact me at the school:

Mrs Lynda Herron-Griffin

MAC Secondary School Careers Lead