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The French Department aims to encourage an enthusiasm for language learning that will help pupils to achieve the highest levels of academic success as well as giving them the important knowledge and skills of a Modern Language which they can use outside and beyond their school life.

We want our pupils to engage actively with the language. At Key Stage 3, we concentrate on learning and developing the basic principles of practical language, including buying snacks, asking for directions and booking hotel rooms and travel plans. Through their language studies, students develop the 4 skills of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. We aim to deliver lessons in a lively and communicative way so that pupils can understand the language in both the spoken and written form and express themselves confidently, verbally and in writing. Grammar is taught alongside the communicative skills so that pupils have the tools to use the language creatively and accurately. We believe that it forms an important part of what we teach, but we also believe that it is equally important for students to be confident in getting their message across and making themselves understood.  Building and encouraging confidence, spontaneity and enthusiasm are central to our departmental vision.