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Religious Education

Religious Education is at the heart of the curriculum at Stuart Bathurst. This is because, as a Catholic school, we believe that one of the most important areas of life is to reflect and think about the profound life questions, exploring the meaning and purpose of our God given lives.

RE is a core GCSE subject at Stuart Bathurst. It develops an awareness of different views, cultures and beliefs, and shows skills such as literacy, reasoning, and considering and evaluating different points of view. This makes it a strong indicator to employers and further education institutions of the academic ability and openness to learning of the person who has a good grade in subject.

Religious Education encourages students to use their unique gifts and talents to enquire, critically examine and reflect on various different approaches to the study of religion which will enhance their personal, social and cultural development. Students grow to understand and respect the many different cultures of our world, social community cohesion and their own values opinions and attitudes.

RE also provides a helpful background for a wide range of courses and employment. These include administrative roles, other office work, teaching and education, advice and counselling, retail, journalism, police officer, caring professions, youth work, legal services ... and many more!