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Our shared vision in the History department is that everyone, regardless of their background, has the necessary knowledge to understand today’s world. We aim to make pupils politically literate so that they have an ability to recognise how the modern day has been shaped by the past. From the Norman Conquest through to 20th century modern history, we want our young historians to have a good understanding of chronology, but also a deep understanding of how Britain has both influenced and been influenced by other countries around the world.

Each KS3 unit has been created to link to the AQA GCSE course taught in Years 10-11, with both British and World History being covered.  As we move towards a knowledge-based curriculum, homework will be regular self-quizzing using knowledge organisers, to ensure that we are encouraging the long-term retention of knowledge; KS4 pupils will also receive regular GCSE exam questions. The GCSE course is designed to equip students for Advanced Level study but more importantly, to allow students to look at fascinating topics in greater depth.